Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

It seems that the Ugly Christmas Sweater has become a phenomenon in the cyber world and at holiday parties! And, thanks to this strange infatuation for ugly, my Ugly Christmas Necktie Sweater has been pick up by several top sites!  I'm over the moon, happy, and just shocked at how popular they are.  

The Ugly Christmas Sweater that keeps getting featured was made for the blog at iLoveToCreate, and also here on my Pattiewack blog.  I really think that the cute factor comes from our fabulous model/copywriter, Chloe Tatro.  She is a cutie patootie, and really sells it!  I mean, who else do you see holding an ornament with so much sassy-tude, right? 

To top it all off, our iLoveToCreate social media expert, Alexa Westerfield is a contributor for and she put my sweater in a countdown for 27 Ugly Christmas Sweaters yesterday!  Love ya, Alexa! did a cute segment on the Today Show, then followed it up with their top Ugly Christmas Sweaters, too.  They found my sweater on Pinterest, and it was #2 on the list!!  

But wait, there's MORE!  *giggle* featured it, too!  They found the sweater on and put it in a slideshow on their front page.  Wowza!  I've actually been in shock to tell you the truth, but super excited that the world is embracing pompoms, glue, and DIY just for the fun of it.  Yes!  What the world needs more of right now is some stinkin' holiday cheer!

So, just in case you need to know how to make your own ugly but cute Ugly Christmas Sweater, here's the instructions.  Look in the closet and grab those ugly neckties or run down to the thrift store and then glue yourself a fabulous and fun sweater to wow your friends and family!