Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The After Party is ON!

Finally, we are headed to Oklahoma for our party to celebrate the wedding! Yipppeeeee! We sent this postcard out to all of our friends and family, so we're just crossing our fingers that another ice storm doesn't hit Tulsa and mess up our plans like it did at Christmas. It was really tough not being able to fly into Tulsa during the big blast of ice and devastation on the week we had planned to be there with our family. They even closed down the airport there, it was so bad. But now we get to party!

I put together some sweet little party favors for our special guests and shipped them out yesterday, so I hope the FedEx dude can find my parents house out in the boonies at Grand Lake in time for us to take them to Lola's.

As you can see, they are Chinese take-out boxes in pretty colors to match our invitations and postcards. I tied the chocolate and tangerine colored boxes with kiwi green and golden ribbons. It took a lot longer than I thought it would but each little bow has scalloped edges that I cut with my new shears that Gail (Scott's sis) gave me for Christmas. Too cute!

I placed 2 squares of individually wrapped Ghirardelli chocolates in each one. Yummmers! Would you believe that I got through the whole evening and only ate one?

First, I poked a circle of white wedding tulle inside each box and filled them with rich coffee beans. Scott and I are totally addicted to coffee and chocolate. In fact, when there is no chocolate in the house, we have to make a chocolate run. Scott's the one who's addicted. (Not me;-) We could hardly sleep the night I made these, the house was so full of the aroma of fresh roasted coffee. Anyway, we thought it would be fun to share our addiction with our party guests. So, they get to go home and grind some beans, put on a pot of java, scarf down some dark chocolate and think of us.

I'm going to have a hard time keeping up my blog while we're gone since my Mom & Dad have dial up. But, I'm going to try to keep putting up more projects and of course the party pics, so keep checking back!

Eureka Murals!

Can you believe these murals??? Oh my gosh! We drove through Eureka, California on our road trip to Washington and were blown away when we saw the beautiful artwork displayed all over the buildings all over town. We took just a few pics and these are some of my favorites.

This clown's face was uncanny with detail. I felt as if the 20 foot gaze was staring straight at me! You can see the panels bolted to the building at the corners, which reminds you that it's not real.

If you squint, you can see the car at the far bottom left. (Oh, and you know you can click on the photos here and they will enlarge.) This gives some perspective of how large the entire piece of art actually is.

I play the piano, so the keys and the hands were especially intriguing to me. Check out the shadow of the guitarist wearing a hat! And the dancer in the foreground. Simply amazing!

We found this one by accident in an alley and the characters are all animals dressed up. Each one is gigantic, as you can see by by handicap parking spot. I loved it. We are planning to go back in March for a video shoot in Washington, and we just have to spend more time in Eureka, California.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Washington Wedding Party

I know, I know, I know......I need to get blogging! You've all been emailing me and wanting to see the Betsey Johnson dress that I wore to our wedding party in Washington. So, here it is! The fabric was crispy and frilly and fun.

The wedding party given by Scott's family in Washington was fabulous, of course! The cake was red velvet and Yummmers! The fresh flowers were my fave, with bright gerberas and little shasta daisies. Mutti (Scott's mom) pulled out the finest silver and crystal serving pieces and champagne was flowing freely.

Yeppers, that's Pops & Mutti, Sandy & Darrell, Gail and me and Scott. As you can see, the party was a buncha fun and the guests had a great time, too!

The food was wonderful with tasty shrimp salad, fruit kabobs, and tons of other appetizers put together by all the gals.

I just want to say thank you to all of you that made this one of the best nights of my life, and I was so honored to be welcomed into such a loving and warm family. Thanks to the special guests, too. I'll never forget it.

Thanks Daddy 2......