Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aleene's Tacky Clear Gel on "Extreme Sweets" TV Special

When Scott and I first saw this segment a few weeks ago we weren't fast enough to get our handy iPhones rockin' and capture the show. Being the video swami (his words) that he is, Scott found the segment on-line, captured it with some fancy software, did a little editing to shorten it up and BAMMM, here it sweet product sighting for iLoveToCreate!

As you'll see, they were using Aleene's® Clear Gel Tacky Glue™ to put those amazing portraits together. I giggled when I saw that Scott put an arrow to a still pic of the glue at the end.

Watch as host Adam Guertler visits the Jelly Belly jelly bean plant in Fairfield, CA and is tasked with making his own Jelly Belly mosaic art piece using Aleene's Tacky Clear Gel. Great segment and great way to create a crazy craft!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

DIY Painted T-Shirts

I got so excited last night watching The Antonio Treatment, that I started yelling for Scott to come check it out. They were spraying t-shirts with our Tulip Fashion Spray for the kids to wear as smocks at the Hollywood Boys & Girls Club. They looked amazing as you can see here.

The renovation was unbelievable as the crew transformed the art room into a fabulously functional and fun place for kids to come to.


Oh, and I grabbed my iPhone and took lots of pictures so you can see how cool the room looked when they were finished.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Crystal Studded Stilettos

Any day is a good day for jazzing up a pair of high heels shoes, right? These gorgeous stilettos caught my eye at the payless shoe store, and were perfect for a wedding project we are doing here in the iLoveToCreate Design Studio.
They are so pretty just the way they are, and perfect for the budget-minded bride. BUT, think of the options, girl! With crystals and glitter at my fingertips, I really got carried away.

The heels are not covered in fabric, but some kind of leatherette, so instead of heat-setting I decided to grab the Liquid Fusion and get busy. I started by doing a polka dot of glue all over the heels, and then grabbed my Tulip Fashion Art Tweezers to pick up the largest crystals out of the adorable Tulip 300-pack Crystal carousel.

After those dried, I filled in the gaps with smaller crystals.

Turns out, that the carousel had just enough crystals to cover the heels.

The trick is, having those large crystals on there and letting the glue dry about an hour before you add all the rest. That way they don't move around like a big mudslide!

Of course, I had to glitter them. The Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond went on very smoothly with the little applicator that comes in the kit. I pretty much covered one side at a time with glitter bond and then sprinkled them solidly with Multi Ultra Fine Glitter is absolutely amazing, and looks so glamorous!

Not only are the perfect for a glam bride, but they are faulously fun for dancing at the reception!