Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Heart Brini!

I just love Brini Maxwell, and I was checking out crafty videos on youtube and found this great highlights video! My favorite is the Styrofoam fruit!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We made it to California!

We made it to California, and my favorite grocery store.. Trader Joes. This bottle of wine cracked me up! The $2 Chuck was right there, ready for us to throw in our cart, too. Yeah!

Angelcots.... these white apricots were soooo juicy. They have a cute name, too.

Clovis is soooo pretty, quaint, and pedestrian friendly. We have spent many evenings on the outdoor patio eating Italian food, Mexican food, and having a nice glass of wine or frosty mugs of beer. Our fave coffee shop keeps giving us cookies when we drop by, and the owners even invited us to their house for their 4th of July swim party! We feel like we've found a new hometown.

We've just about finished unpacking everything, and I put this shelf off for last. (sigh)

But, I do have to use my books for inspiration, and I seem to be LOTS more creative when I'm organized.

We decided to make the "media room" our home office. Yeppers, I have to SHARE with Scott-poo. I love my "new" drafting table since we spray painted it bright red.

Anyway, the french doors are clear glass and show all of the clutter in there and can be seen from the living room, kitchen and dining rooms. Soooo, I saw a crafting/gluing opportunity!

I had these IKEA curtain panels left over from a stage that I set for one of Scott's videos, and thought they just might work for a door covering.

They're great, because I can still see through them, but they obscure the view just enough.

Ta-Da! All I needed was a little adhesive, scissors, and cool curtain panels.