Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CHA Summer Highlights

It's great to be back home after a long week in Chicago for the CHA Summer 2010 trade show, and the Craft Super Show. I am pooped, but happy with the success of the designs my team created for the iLoveToCreate booth.

All of the mannequins made it through shipping. I was so worried about the jewelry stand that I made, but it was still intact. (More about that later...)

Dr. McTacky made it too! He was there to take care of any glue emergencies.

The Chicago pizza was absolutely incredible. Scott and I were a little delirious after working our tushies off to assemble the booth with the iLoveToCreate team.

We had some crazy fun crafters come by to do make-it-take-its with the new Tulip Fashion Dye Kits.

We even had some male crafters, including this dude that made a bag for his mom. Sweet!

The Creative Juice hosts Cathie & Steve dropped by for a happy hug.

Margot Potter was stunning and chic in her incredible jewelry and gave me an autographed copy of her new book, "Bead Chic" !! I love it! I love the extreme jewelry, so head to the book store and check it out!

My Statement Necklace Workshops were filled with amazing people at the Super Show. They were a big hit! The Rorshach design was a huge aha moment and they loved all the bling you could get out of recycled pair of jeans, turned into a bib necklace.

Tiffany Windsor was a terrific host for her live web cam at the super show on COOL2CRAFT. We had a blast with everyone being on camera and covering the great crafts being made by the consumers in our booth.

The super show was wild with crafty frenzy. But we had fun!

Ahhh.... it was a good show, and my bathtub was my best friend.
I'll be posting about more of the projects to show how to use fashion embellishing products to their fullest!