Sunday, December 19, 2010

Boho Christmas Stocking

When you look at old doilies for projects, remember that you can always dye them like I did this Bohemian style ensemble for Christmas.  
I started out by gathering a few items that I love, like the crochet collar, 
the gloves and the crochet butterfly.  
My mom crocheted the collar way back in the day when we were all wearing sweatshirts that were embellished with these collars or with paint and appliques.  
kept mine all these years, and really didn't have a lot of use for it.  
She also crocheted several butterflies that at that time were perfect to sew several to a sweatshirt.  
Yes, we really did that!  (giggle) 
So, back to my story of how I did this.... Before I did the dying, I sewed the stocking together.  
Here is the tutorial in pics for you to sew your own:


 To see the project page and lots more Christmas projects, 
check out and 
come see me at where there are videos and tons of fun.

Friday, December 17, 2010

DIY Christmas Crochet/Knitting Tote Bag

I loved making this tote bag for the crochet or knitting enthusiast.  When I was sketching the design I wanted to make a spot to keep scissors handy and not so easy to lose in the bag with all your yarn and felt, and book and pattern. 
The instructions and details are at and there are tons more DIY gift ideas that you can still make in time for Christmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pompom Christmas Tree

Pompoms and Christmas seems like the perfect match to me, 
and I've been dreaming of covering a tree with pompoms ever since Scott and I 
invented the PattieWack Pompom Tool 7 years ago.

We did it!  
We finally made the pompoms for our Christmas Pompom Tree.     
The pompoms are soft and pretty and colorful against our white Christmas tree.
I'm loving the retro look with our mod turquoise chairs and how sweet it turned out.
It was super easy to make about 60 pompoms in all different colors of yarns.  
There are 7 different bright jewel toned colors of yarn.  
I made sure to use turquoise and red since those are the two major colors in our mid-century modern living room.  Then I added yummy colors like kiwi, tangerine, lemon yellow, deep purple, hibiscus and pistachio green pompoms.
 We love it! 

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Craft

Embroidery hoops are the perfect frames for my Christmas "JOY"message.  I can see these done in many different colors and styles.  They would be adorable in bright red and green for the traditional Christmas.  Or you could choose fabric in modern colors like tangerine, kiwi and lemon yellow.  
Hang them in front of a light and get a completely different look!

If you want the details, go to for the supplies and complete instructions to personalize your very own embroidery hoop art.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Felt Christmas Stocking

A Berry Merry Christmas

You’ll have yourself a very merry Christmas with this holly berry stocking hanging from the mantle! All you need is colorful felt and Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion™ … let Santa do the rest!

I loved making this stocking, because I love felt and how crisp and clean it looks.  This one is super fast to whip up and it would be easy to personalize by embroidering a monogram on the cuff.  I hope you like it....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

DIY Video - Decoupaged Christmas Gift Box

Just like I promised, 
the Holiday How-To Videos are being posted at
and here's a great idea to turn a plain paper mache box into a
personalized gift for someone special!