Friday, April 6, 2018

Welcome to our blog archives, with a LINK to the NEW PATTIEWACK DESIGNS BLOG

Visit the NEW & IMPROVED 

PattieWack Designs blog now at: 


If this is your first time to visit the PattieWack Blog, let me say, "Welcome!"  I'm so glad you found this crafty spot to hang out and get project ideas and inspiration. 
There are over 700 CRAFT PROJECTS on this blog, so grab a nice refreshment, and settle in for great crafts and inspiration! 

This blog began in 2006, and has evolved through the trends from back-in-the-days of MySpace and before there was FaceBook!  

But now, we've moved on to a new location.

Please feel free to roam around and check out all the old project archives here, and then click on over to our NEW PattieWack Designs Blog located on the site.  There you'll find even MORE crafty project tutorials, my design portfolio, a section about us, a section filled with inspiration with dozens of projects, and a NEW CATALOG where the PattieWack Pom-Pom and Tassels Makers can be ordered as well as a few more crafty supplies. 

So, stick around and enjoy... but don't forget to check out all of our other Social Media links below, including PattieWack Designs on YouTube, where you can see over 125 Craft Videos, viewed by almost 18K subscribers, with nearly 4M views. 

And as I always say,
"Have FUN with it!"