Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm hosting Let's Create LIVE!


With only a few weeks away to our Let's Create Live event, we plan on bringing you fun tidbits, interviews, and details about the live show!

First up, we wanted to introduce you to our beloved hostess with the mostest for the event...Pattie Wilkinson! Pattie is a lead designer and spokesperson here at iLoveToCreate and can churn out sketches and projects like it's no one's business! If you are a DIY/craft show fan, you may remember Pattie as a co-host on the TNN show, Aleene's Creative Living! So hosting is second nature for Pattie! Not only is Pattie a fab host and designer, she's worked all over the craft industry developing in-store merchandising, products, tools and more for major companies and retail chains.

You can peek into Pattie's crafty mind by some of these projects she's created!

We wanted to find out more about Pattie, so we asked her 5 fun questions! This crafty lady didn't disappoint!

1. Having been raised in rural Oklahoma, what were the kinds of crafts you made as a kid? Being a preacher’s kid, my mom was always coming up with Bible School and Church Bazaar projects for us to make. Did you do a lot of repurposing? We didn’t throw anything away! I could make anything from a makeup bag out of a bleach bottle and some fabric remnants, to a wreath out of egg cartons.

2. You’ve been the host of TV shows and many video demos, but not a lot of them have been live. Are you prepared for the unexpected at “Let’s Create Live”? There’s nothing like a LIVE show, as I’ve experienced many times on QVC and HSN where thousands of people are watching. The worst thing that ever happened to me was when the thread broke as I was demonstrating a quilting attachment and I had to rethread the sewing machine right then and there. I just kept talking and smiling!

3. In your many hosting experiences, do you have a most embarrassing moment? Please share it with us. We’re dying to know! Well, I’ve told this story before, but my friend Darsee and I were doing a live show at Universal Studios one time for the Home Show, and we thought it would be fun to blow eggs and decorate them for Easter. There we were with our big hair, dressed up all fancy, blowing eggs, AND not realizing how ridiculous we looked. Of course, being LIVE, we didn’t stop and watch play-back. But, imagine our bewilderment that night when we ended up on Talk Soup for everyone to laugh at!

4. Your motto is, “If I can’t glue it, I don’t do it!” What would you say is the biggest glue project you’ve ever tackled? Wow, that’s a hard question, since I’ve done lots of BIG things, like a room divider covered with fabric swatches, and a lazy boy with repurposed jeans glued over it entirely.

5. You recently moved to a new home, what kind of crafty remodeling projects are you looking forward to? There are dozens! But, I think my first project is to cover a ghastly mural on one wall that has white cranes and cattails on it… maybe a decoupage project? And I’ve got the local thrift store holding some huge chairs that I’m going to recover with Marimekko textiles. You’ll have to check my blog and facebook page to watch the progress. It’s going to be so much fun!

Pattie is a regular contributor to our blog and you can find many of her behind the scenes projects here. Also visit her web site at for crafty projects, books, videos and more!

You can also find Pattie in various videos on our Youtube page! She's always caught on the spot at her desk in impromptu videos!

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