Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pompom Christmas Tree

Pompoms and Christmas seems like the perfect match to me, 
and I've been dreaming of covering a tree with pompoms ever since Scott and I 
invented the PattieWack Pompom Tool 7 years ago.

We did it!  
We finally made the pompoms for our Christmas Pompom Tree.     
The pompoms are soft and pretty and colorful against our white Christmas tree.
I'm loving the retro look with our mod turquoise chairs and how sweet it turned out.
It was super easy to make about 60 pompoms in all different colors of yarns.  
There are 7 different bright jewel toned colors of yarn.  
I made sure to use turquoise and red since those are the two major colors in our mid-century modern living room.  Then I added yummy colors like kiwi, tangerine, lemon yellow, deep purple, hibiscus and pistachio green pompoms.
 We love it! 


Sylvia said...

That is so awesome and different!!! love it!!

TL said...

I LOVE IT!!!! It looks just like a trees you might find in a Christmas Candyland....They look like big ol' gun drops....You are the woman Pattie! Oh and great job Scott for helping out!

Gail said...

This looks SOOOO like you and Scott!
Very clever and it looks awesome with your furniture!