Sunday, November 21, 2010

Consignment Store Finds

Most of my life, I've worn hand-me-downs, so I guess it's only natural that I love consignment shops.  Daddy was a preacher in dirt-poor places around Oklahoma, and I remember mom and I going to the thrift stores on a regular basis to see what was new.  We sewed most everything I wore,  but you never knew what was waiting there at the thrift store, like this fabulous suede cape.  And the little fur pompom thingie just made me squeeeel with delight when I saw it. 

 And I couldn't resist this trendy leather bag covered in huge studs.  It zips along the bottom to make it roomier if you need it.  And I need it.
The hooded sweater duster was perfect, too.  I'm pretty excited about finding this new-to-me consignment boutique down in the Tower District in Fresno.
One of my favorite things about it was that it's an old pharmacy and they kept lots of the old store fixtures and signs.  The outside is very kitschy cool. 

Now all I need is some cute boots!

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Cathie Filian said...

I so need that purse.... :) Happy Thanksgiving! Please let me know if you are ever down in LA!