Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Holiday Craft Videos Are Coming!

We had so much fun with Holiday Craft Videos last year, 
our iLoveToCreate website team decided to do them again this year!
 Scott decided that a white Christmas would be fun, so he got busy painting and 
I brought in some color with ornaments and pillows.  
The cute little red deer and the
iLoveToCreate frame was added by Alexa (aka Swell Designer.)
 We have tons of Tulip holiday products,
so it didn't take long to put together some really
cute and quick crafts for the videos,
including coffee cozies with crystals to make a monogram.
 Molly was on hand to assist with set-up.
That cute apron was just one of several darling ideas for using our
amazing adhesives, crystals, 3-D paint, stencils and glitter.
 As you can see... Victoria was not so excited about me 
snapping a candid photo of her during the shoot.
 And of course, Scott worked to make me look good, the audio sound wonderful,
and get those all-important close-ups for you to see
how to make your quick holiday crafts.
It was a good day of shooting at the iLoveToCreate photography/production studio.
Check out the videos as we post them on the iLTC blog.
I hope that they will inspire you
to be creative this holiday season!
Happy Holidays!

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