Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Crafty New Year!

- Watching the ball drop at Times Square?
-- Cuddling at the beach while watching fireworks?
--- Dancing the night away with glitter and glitz?
---- A slumber party with a dozen freckle-faced kids?
----- Sipping champagne after a midnight kiss?
------ Chips and dip, an old movie, and your afghan?
-------- What is YOUR version of a HAPPY NEW YEAR?

Whatever your favorite activity might be, there is always room for crafts. If you don't have your act together for New Years Eve, forget the pity party, make some party poppers, grab some glitter, and turn the blahs into bling!


Anonymous said...

I love your sense of humor and suggestions! I find crafting makes me feel so much better than drinking and partying on New year's Eve...and best of all, there's never a craft hangover!

Thanks for your inspiration, oh crafty queen! Happy new Year!

Trish said...

The candles on your piano are absolutely gorgeous! What a brilliant way to set the holiday mood. They look powerfully expensive instead of actually looking like a fun craft.

I am excited that you will be on channel 6 EVERY week. What a Crazy Cool Craft Fix!

You are the best!