Monday, April 30, 2007

Craft A Go-Go

Don’t tell anyone, but I made a D in Home Ec, and the teacher hated me, but I don't blame her. In my adolescent arrogance, I did not care about learning to make a potholder when I was sitting there in a dress I made myself. Can I help it, that my mom had already taught me how to sew? It was a weekly adventure for us to trek to the local fabric store in Ada, Oklahoma to find the grooviest new dress pattern and the latest double knit. Oops, I just gave my age away. I remember an orange sherbet paisley printed a-line dress, with long bell sleeves and extra long pointy collar. Look out, Twiggy. That collar was a bitch to sew, but it was worth it. I had the white patent go-go boots too, baby. Woohoo. I'm outa here...gotta get to a fabric store. Can you say paisley?

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