Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lovin' Tennessee

We are lovin' Tennessee, and feeling like it's home. With so many people moving into this area for corporate positions and with a strong economy, it is a great place to live and meet new people.

I got a BIG SURPRISE last week at a Michael's Craft Store, when I was walking down the needlework aisle, when lo and behold, MY BOOK was right there on the book rack! CHEESE, how cool is that???? So, when's the book signing gig? (just kidding.... :-)

Peeps at work have quickly turned into friends after work, and Karen Brandon is a hoot to hang out with. We had some Italian food and drink and good times...

When the waiter asked me how I wanted my left over yummies to take home, I joking said, "what, you don't do foil swans?" and guess what, in about 10 minutes he returned with his fab aluminum foil swan! It's still sitting on my dressing table.

Me and Michele finally got a little time away from the office, and our hubbies kept us in stitches all night! We are gonna have to get them in the pics next time.

Franklin, Tennessee has an annual arts and crafts fair, and we spent the afternoon checking out all the amazing artists from this area. I fell in love with these round appliques' on fine linens.

One of the artists did outrageous decoupage and metal art sculptures, and if I weren't saving for a vacation I would have taken this one home with me.

If you click on the photo above, you'll see that she used recycled cans and other metal objects to build a collage of colorful art in dozens of sizes and shapes.

We ended up in the chocolate shop to duck in from the rain, and it was spectacular! I had a chocolatte', Scott had an espresso with a shot of pure chocolate, and THEN we had two sinfully delicious bites of chocolate that seriously made our eyes roll back in our head. ahhhhhh.....

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to Tennessee and the Nashville area! Nice blog post on the wonders of Tennessee.