Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spiderweb Necklace Pattern

Okay, since the iLoveToCreate site has been bombarded with requests for the Black Widow Spiderweb Necklace, here it is!

Just click on the image above, and then print it out on regular sheet of paper. Lay it under a piece of waxed paper, then paint the lines with Tulip 3-D Fashion Paint.

Happy Halloweeeeeen all you Crazy Crafters!!

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Rain Blanken said...

I had to feature this one at my site for a Halloween Jewelry how-to! How brilliantly simple. Kind of like when we made fingernails out of Elmers glue in third grade.

And also, Pattie, I wanted to invite you to participate in a holiday blog roundup with a collection of photos each week ala Alexa's Terrorific Tuesdays. A bunch of About.com blogs are already participating with recipes and crafts from every holiday tradition. Shoot me an email if you're interested.