Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fashion Icon Jewelry

What do you do when you buy stamps, just because you love'em?
You grab some Aleene's Paper Glaze and turn them into Fashion Icon Jewelry!
I absolutely LOVE Audrey Hepburn, and the Aleene's Paper Glaze glides onto paper to create a crystal clear dimensional effect that reminds me of cloisonne' enamel jewelry when it dries. I've been experimenting with it at the iLoveToCreate studio, and this is just one of the fabulous things it can do.

The Audrey Hepburn stamps caught my eye a few years ago, and I bought several, not knowing what I planned to do with them. I'm so glad! The beautiful fashion icon was perfect for creating a beautiful pendant and a pin, for barely a little more cash than what I paid for the actual stamps!

Just think...... you can turn ANY pendant sized photo, stamp, gift wrap, greeting card, or even a note or drawing. I'm thinking of making a pendant from a tiny note my friend Darsee stuck in my Christmas present this year. Very personal, and an amazing way to preserve a delicate item forever.

Here's how to make your own pendant or pin with Aleene's Paper Glaze:

Postage Stamp or other paper image of your choice
Heavy Cardstock
Scrapbook Paper
Hole Punch
Needle Nose Pliers
Jump Rings, Wire & Beads
Ribbon for a necklace, or a pin back
Wire and Bead (for pin)

The Steps:
1. Adhere postage stamp to scrapbook paper. Trim 1/4” around the edge of the stamp to create the face of the pendant/pin.
2. Trace around pendant onto heavy cardstock, cut out two.
3. Stack the two cardstock cut-outs and glue together with glue stick. Glue the pendant/pin on top of the cardstock pieces. Let dry. This will make it very sturdy.
4. Punch out a hole at the top of the pendant. Punch another hole at the bottom if you're making a pin.
5. Squeeze a smooth layer of paper glaze over the entire top of the paper, to the edges.
7. Drop crystals into the paper glaze with tweezers. Let dry overnight.
8. Re-punch holes in pendant/pin. Attach jump ring to the top of the pendant to create a necklace by threading a ribbon through the jump ring. If making a pin, add a bead onto a piece of wire and attach to the bottom of the pin with another jump ring.
9. For a pin, glue the pin back to the back with Platinum Bond 7800, let dry.

Oh! If you are going to the 2010 Winter CHA Trade Show in a couple weeks, come see me at the iLoveToCreate booth, and you can check out my Audrey Hepburn necklace.

Meanwhile, you can check out lots more projects at, and at Send me your crafty pics. I'd LOVE to see the amazing craftiness you're up to!

Happy crafting!

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