Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mod Mod World

Mod, mod world in Fresno today.... this fab fun find was at the downtown Fresno Vintage Voola. It wasn't for sale, boohooooo! Now all I need is a mannequin, hand-saw, and paint, right?
Alexa (aka Swell Designer) was giving me the tour and we were trippin'out with all the eye candy.
Orange, pink, turgouise, and yellow were the big color splashes.
Hair dryers from vintage beauty parlors gave me ideas for altering them into lamps.
My dining room is begging me to buy this fab set of chairs (at Yoshi Now) with an oval table to match our Jetson's style barstools. Scott will have to give the final nod since one of the chars was wobbly. If they end up at my house, then I will HAVE to make a trip to the L.A. fashion district and go to Mood for the perfect fabric choice!
Thank goodness Scott wasn't with me, or I'm sure this tiki bar would have been in the back of the Yaris for a trip home with us.
The stores take up a full block downtown, and it was the perfect day with misty rain to keep away the crowds so we had plenty of elbow room.
Jeweled purses in a row reminded me of my Aunt Melba, Aunt Wanda, and Aunt Marie. I remember them carrying bags like these to church on Sunday mornings when I was a little girl.
Boot-scootin' glittered cowboy boots were all lined up and ready to kick some a&&.

Ohhh, if only boots could talk....
Random crafts were in the knick-knack racks, and I was drawn to the little dolls.
Tie dye, baybee..... it's everywhere!

To top it off, the sequined bicycle pillow had Scott's name all over it.
I hope he loves it as much as me..... wheeeeeeee!

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Unknown said...

will you take me there next time i'm in town, love it!!