Friday, November 15, 2013

How-To Make Expired Gift Card Earrings

What do you do with those gift cards when you use them up?

There are some really pretty cards out there.  I know Target has the cutest ones!  Well, here's an idea for you.  Punch or cut out the card to make two matching circles.  You can go as big as you want, but these worked out great for the flowers in a 1 inch circle. If the edges are a bit rough, you can use a nail file to make them perfect.

Then push a straight pin through the tops of the punched circles. Add a jump ring, then thread beads onto an eye-pin between the circles and fish hooks, and you've got yourself some snazzy earrings on the cheap.  Adding beads that match or contrast with the colors in the card really add pizzaz and will kick up your ensemble when you wear them!

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