Sunday, July 20, 2014

How To Make Pillows with a Scarf!

I absolutely LOVE anything Missoni, and I was searching the internet to find the perfect pillows to put on the new hanging bed in our gazebo.  (....more to come on that later...)  So, of course I fell in love with several Missoni pillows that I found.  But oh my goodness, they were all over $200 a pillow!  Yikes!

So, I'm NOT going to be paying $285 for a pillow, unless it comes with a cute young man with a silk fan in one hand and a dirty martini in the other!  (giggle)

But I'm definitely the person who's going to be on the look-out for fabric that reminds me of the Missoni chevron, and I got lucky at World Market and found this fabulous knit scarf that totally made me squeal when I found it.  Plus, it was on sale for 1/2 off so I got it for $12.50.  Score!  The scarf has all the colors in it that I was looking for.  The turquoise and coral pillows I put it with are perfect.  

As you can see by the step-out photos, I simply cut the scarf in half.  Then I folded the halves over and sewed up the sides on the sewing machine.  Next, I stuffed them with old pillows. (I never throw anything away :-)  Then I grabbed a needle and thread and sewed the opening closed.  That's it!  

Now I have to decide whether or not to add pompoms or tassels to them.  What do you think?


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