Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pop a Cork with Pom-Poms! is extending their event featuring the PattieWack™ Pom-Pom and Tassel Makers another day!

Today you and your friends will get a crazy discount of up to 40% on all PattieWack™ Makers!

It's seriously enough to make you pop a cork, right?  Then you'll just have to decorate that cork with a raffia pom-pom.  The cool thing about the PattieWack™ Makers, is you can wind just about anything around the tools, like RAFFIA to make a pom-pom.  

So, to make your pom-pom corks, wind raffia around the PattieWack™ Mini Pom-Pom Maker at the 5th section to make a 2-1/2" pom-pom.  Tie the center with raffia, or better yet, use heavy wire.  Cut the sides of the pom-pom to release.  Poke the wire into a cork and it's ready to pop back into the bottle.  Cute. Fun. Easy.

Don't forget to click over to and take advantage of this big event, and get your discount of up to 40% off, during this extended sale for the 
PattieWack™ Pom-Pom and Tassel Makers!

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