Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! And a special happy day to my momma. Hi Mom! I was born in the fifties, and my mom was the typical June Cleaver mom, with a spotless house, perfect hair, full meals on the table every night when dad came home for supper, and all of our clothes were perfectly starched, and our little family was just so perfect. She's still the perfect mom to me, and at the risk of sounding sappy, she is everything I could ask for in a mom. She is always there to listen, give advice when I ask for it, and understands me more than anyone else in the world.

My mom is a quilter, and she works side by side with my daddy every day as they run a quilting machine in their darling house on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. I miss them and wish I could be with them and my girls today. But, when you are part of a family that is as close as ours, geography means nothing because we hold each other in our hearts, under the same sky every moment of every day.

I love you mom....

(June Cleaver had nothing on my mom... ;-)

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Lisa'sLettersandLace said...

Happy Mother's Day. Sounds like you have wonderful thoughts and memories to carry you through even when apart from family. Lisa