Monday, July 28, 2008

The Frist Museum

When was the last time you visited your local museum? Well, I am going to start checking out the Frist Museum in Nashville every time they change the exhibits, because I was thrilled to find out how fabulous it is! The building is an exhibit in and of itself. The Frist Museum is the former main post office right in the middle of downtown Nashville, built in 1933 in classic Art Deco. The spacious exhibition galleries and clerestory windows are astounding with cast aluminum doors and grand staircases. I felt like with a blink, I could have transported back in time to a place where men in Stetsons and women in crinolines strolled on the plank floors.

The Tiffany exhibit was incredible with 40 hand crafted lamps that were built in the early 1900's. The organic and sensuous curves of Art Nouveau style was intriguing in every single lamp as a work of art.

Color field painting as an exhibition completely took me by surprise. I'm a lover of contemporary arts, but these gigantic pieces of color took my breath away with their use of color and technique. I discovered how much impact art can have on your emotions and point of view. I encourage everyone to check out the art that is in your own area, and enjoy a bit of solitude and relaxation while you drink in the beauty.

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