Monday, July 28, 2008

Cute Show Home

In the neighborhood where we live there are two show homes, and my friend Susan and I just had to check them out while she was here visiting from California. We were pleasantly surprised by some really cute and crafty ideas that I've got to share with you.

The stager for the show homes cleverly took patterns and created framed collages to hang above the bed in the guest/sewing room. She threw in some pin wheels and rulers, other sewing notions. The vintage patterns were absolutely wonderful!

Another great idea was how she hung the curtains with measuring tape. I love this! They are simple linen drapes that have 18 inch lengths of fabric measuring tapes sewn to the top, every 12 inches. Then she tied them to the rod in little bows. How cute, and how fabulous!

I know, this is very predictable, but a nice touch to the entire room. The dress form is draped with more measuring tapes for fun. There was a cute sewing machine on the dresser, but it didn't come out on my camera phone. You get the picture. And I got some great ideas!

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