Monday, June 9, 2008

The good life in Tennessee

This weekend was hot! Just moving from California, it was a bit harsh being out in the heat on the beautiful deck at Arrington Vineyards just south of where we live in Nolensville. Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn, Winemaker Kip Summers and Fred Mindermann partnered together to bring to the Southeast this breathtaking and award winning winery. It was very hot & humid, but the music was nice, and the chardonnay was chilled, and we munched on our picnic lunch with lots of happy people.

My fave place to eat right now is Mad Donna's in East Nashville. Yummmmy garlic green beans, sweet potato enchiladas, and extreme chocolate desserts there are just amazing.

Michele Muska, Susan Faherty and I hung out there with friends after work and I had the BEST martini I've EVER had in my whole life at Mad Donna's. If you go there, ask for the stuffed olives with blue cheese in your martini...OMG they make them individually for each drink! Oh, my gosh!

We also went to Leiper's Fork on Sunday afternoon to browse through the galleries and hang with the locals. Scott and I went nuts over these unbelievable cement garden sculptures.

This one had metal bottle tops pressed into it. I am dying to learn how to make these. Do any of you know how? My mom and dad who live in Oklahoma, make the ones that look like leaves, but I don't know how these are done.

This guy cracked me up! He's about 2 feet tall and is adorable. I'm thinking about going back to snatch him up and put him in my front flower bed.

And if I figure it out, I must do one for herb gardening. They were so natural and I believe they would become more beautiful after sitting in the elements through a few seasons in Tennessee.

The bluegrass music at the Franklin Farmers Market was so sweet. We sat in lawn chairs, sipped iced tea, and did a little toe tappin'. We brought home a planter filled with basil, sage, and rosemary plants. Pizza is going to be much better now with pinches of basil, fresh tomatoes and garlic.

I'm such a lucky girl...Scott always has a nice cold drink and a snack ready for me every day when I get home from work. Ahhh, life is good in Tennessee.


Norma Anne Chattin--Live well, Live creatively, Live safe said...

Miss Pattie I am so jealous that you are now living in one of my favorite all time places. Thanks for those lovely photos. Aren't you impressed with just how lush and green that place is? My brother was there in '80-'83 and I couldn't vist often enough.

Hey newlywed, check out my blog to learn how we're finalists for a dream wedding. There are so many scrappers and stampers voting for us my head is spinning.
Norma Anne

Anonymous said...

Hi Pattie I think the cement sculptures could probably be made with hypertufa. This is a good website to check out Scroll down at the bottom of the page there are several links for making hollow garden spheres, leaf casting and gardern troughs and recipes for making the cement. Hope this helps Love your website and blog Thanks for sharing all the ideas!

Lisa'sLettersandLace said...

Hi Pattie. I just wanted to thank you for keeping the circle book video on for a while. I finally made one and I love it. Check it out when you have a minute. Love your work. Lisa