Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Winners and Losers on Project Runway

You win some, and you lose some no matter what, and tonight's losers got a double whammy with two designers knocked off the runway. Terri lost it with this ho-hum design that was bad fabric, bad lines, and a bad partner.

Blayne lost too, with this horrific rendition of a Libra costume that reaked with disjointed design and nothing that says haute couture.

I thought for sure that Kenley would be packing up her scissors with this insane idea that she is the designer goddess. Her arrogance and annoying voice coupled with a talk-back attitude was so grating, it was hard to watch.

Joe did a safe design with some gorgeous fabrics that kept him from being thrown off the runway, but not good enough to win.

But the winner was Jerrell with a heavy houndstooth fabric and jacket with rows of trim on the sleeves. Tim Gunn was worried about the fabric, but it proved to be just the ticket for a big win. The designers are going to have to kick it up a notch for me next week, because so far I'm not too excited. How about less drama and more attention to good design?

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