Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tomato Art Fest

I forgot to post about the fun and artsy fartsy Nashville Tomato Art Fest last month! I found the photos today when I was searching for something else, and thought I may as well put them on my blog because they are so darn cute. Scott and I bought a poster that looks like the front of this t-shirt, and framed it to hang above our piano. Love that. The artist is Sheila B. and her website is a hoot! You HAVE to check it out at to see what a crazy and amazing artist she is from the Nashville scene.

There was so much art to see, and the crafty art caught my eye, like this big paper bowl made from a roll of tickets. I would love to make one of these myself.

This wall of bottle caps was outrageous, with a different image in every single cap. Think of the work!

I can remember eating at Big Boy restaurants when I was a little girl, so the big guy brought back a few memories for me. Waffles, burgers, grilled cheese sammies, yummmmmers.

A gang of Wrights buds met there, including Chant and Robyn who are graphic artists. We hung out in the art gallery soaking in all the tomatoey vibes.

I'm crazy for collage, and this art doll collage is fabulous! Check out the sassy little bottle cap used for a hat!

This graphic artist decided to use an itty bitty tomato as the priceless setting for an amazing tomato ring. That's a little saucy I'd say. wink-wink

Ah, collage. This wooden box was the best collage ever. The clock is real, and the metal items are real, but the rest is paper.

The artist couldn't stop with decoupaging the outside of the box. The inside was just as fun, with a mirror inside and a felt lining to make it complete.

Oh the drama. It's not every day that we have the opportunity to spend an evening looking at tomato art. Big thanks to Teresa (the greatest APM in the world) for taking the pics and sending them to me. I'll be back next year for the continuing saga of the life of tomatoes turned into art.


Anonymous said...

I used to LOVE Bob's Big Boy...really good food. My family used to go to one in Atascadero, CA after church on Sundays but it shut down. There used to be one in Fresno but it shut down too. Thanks for the memory.

Anonymous said...

i rememeber Bob's Big Boy too! When we went to California this summer, we noticed a couple of new ones. I was so surprised to see them again!

CyndiLou said...

I love the Tomato ring! It reminds me of my "Shrimp Ring"!!!

I love seeing your finds!