Sunday, July 18, 2010

Party Bubblewands

When I think of summer parties, I love to think that we are sitting around the pool and sipping sweet drinks and giggling. And to make the giggles, you need bubbles! I mean, really. What could be more fun than blowing bubbles with these cute little dainty bubblewands?

I took my Pattiewack Shrink Plastic and first covered the sheets with polka dots and swirls with silver and gold paint pens. You have to let the paint dry before you go to the next step. Then I just sketched a fast pattern for these darling wands. I laid my painted shrink plastic over the patterns and traced right onto the shrink plastic with a black Sharpie and cut them out. I also decided that they needed a cute little bow on the ends, so I punched a hole at the end of the wand with a hole punch.

Now, if you make these, be sure that you set your printer to make them as large as you can on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, because they are going to shrink!!

I set my oven for 250 degrees and laid the cut-out wands on a brown paper sack on a cookie sheet. To be sure, this is an adult project cuz we don't want the kiddos messin' with the oven. Watch the shrink plastic curl up and then lay flat... it's magic! Everyone loves to watch.

Last of all I tied little bitty ribbon into bows on each of the cute Pattiewack Party Wands. To make a party statement, I poured my bubbles into crystal goblets and let the guests dunk their wands and let the bubbles begin!

Happy summer, everyone!

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