Monday, January 27, 2014

Aleene's 90th Birthday Bash

Aleene, the Tacky Queen of Crafts!

It Is hard to believe that Aleene Jackson turned 90 years old this week! Scott and I were lucky enough to attend her party, and then of course we had to take her a gift! Our chief creative officer, Valerie Marderosian gave us the idea to create a canvas art, with Aleene's portrait and a crown made of tacky glue bottles. Very appropriate, don't you think?

Larry Duncan, owner of iLoveToCreate and owner of the Aleene brand, presented the colorful art to Aleene Jackson. I think she really loved it, and was laughing at how cute her crown was with the tacky glue bottles that she is so famous for.
Alexa Westerfield a.k.a. Swell Designer, got busy with me in the design studio at iloveToCreate and made the collage art with Aleene's picture and paper crown.

How To make Photo Transfers:
Alexa made a graphic image with Aleene's picture,  adding tacky glue bottles and the Aleene's logo in the background and then she colorized it.

The next step was to mirror image the portrait on the computer and then print it on our copier. She glued it facedown onto the canvas with Collagepauge medium

After it was completely dry, we sponged it with water and rubbed the paper completely off the canvas, leaving only the ink on the canvas. 

The last couple of steps were to paint the sides of the canvas with gold paint, then spray sealer over the entire piece. 

Alexa created some cute graphics with Aleene and her tacky glue helmet for the birthday card. Then we took it to sales and marketing to have everyone sign. Aleene laughed when she opened the card and saw herself wearing a glue helmet and all the Tacky Glue fun.
Scott and I were able to sit and chat with her for a while. We talked about our memories of being on the Aleene's Creative Living television show. We truly enjoyed our time with Aleene!

Happy birthday Aleene!

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