Thursday, May 15, 2014

Crazy Fun with Mixed Media

I love #Tulip #PuffyPaint, and have been painting with them since the 90s, but this is different than painting on sweatshirts and T-shirts. I decided to take it one step further with stencils and a black canvas. We had a fun time experimenting with dimensional paints yesterday @ilovetocreate and I had a blast! Here's how to do canvas art with stencils:
I used the Lips Motif Stencil from the new #Tulip For Your Home products. First I sprayed the back of the stencil with repositionable adhesive. Then I pressed the stencil onto the canvas, which was already black.

I squeezed red tulip dimensional paint over the stencil and started spreading it with the palette knife. I use lots of paint so it would have deeper dimension. 
I added several more colors and kept spreading it with the palette knife.

Then the next step was the hardest (giggle) because I waited for 10 minutes to let the paint set up enough so that it didn't smear when I peeled off the stencil. I'm really lucky that we have a drying space with lamps so the drying process works faster. 

That's me and Stacy peeling off our stencils. 
It was so cool to see how it turned out!
I really like how that all the paint has so much texture. 

The last step was just to grab a tube of bright neon yellow and write "kiss this!"
I love how it turned out so much that I did another one. This time I used an animal print stencil, polkadot stencil, and a butterfly stencil. You might say I'm addicted to this new idea for using Puffy #Tulip dimensional paints!

Stacy, our Tulip Brand Manager, was having just as much fun as me!  And Miranda was taking quick pics to capture the giddiness.

And of course Miranda had to put it on Instagram. We truly had a fun and creative day here @ilovetocreate!

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