Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How To Make Tassel with Vicki O'Dell

I'm so excited, I just HAVE to share! The #CreativeGoddess, Vicki O'Dell has written a fun and informative editorial on tassels at About.com

Vicki wrote an article on jewelry making with tassels, and she included an editorial about how to make tassels. And guess who's tool she featured...Yes, the PattieWack Tassel Tool! Please click over and check it out, and then click on over to her massive website for more creative ways to make jewelry and so much more. 
— with Vicki O'Dell

Vicki's website is filled with crafty goodness.  She's a brilliant teacher and her tutorials are written so well, and filled with tons of pics for easy steps and inspiration.  You'll find her at www.vickiodell.com 
The Creative Goddess, Vicki O'Dell

While you're there, just click in her search box for tassels or pompoms and see how to make some really beautiful jewelry, using the Pattiewack Pompom Tool and Tassel Tools. 
Thanks so much Vicki!

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