Sunday, November 16, 2014

Made in the USA!!!! PattieWack Pom-Pom and Tassel Makers

MADE in the USA

Yes!  We did it.  The quest for having our tools made here in America is not a dream any more.  We actually found someone right here in California that would come close to our China pricing and help us continue to make our tools profitable.  I am so excited to make the announcement today.  My hubby Scott just wouldn't give up, and it was worth it.  We ran out of the mini tassel makers several months ago and lost some sales, but he was determined to continue the search, and see where we could go with US makers.  

So, if you've been waiting to order your PattieWack Mini Tassel Maker, today's your day.  We are in the photography studio right now, getting the beauty shots done, and will have them on the web soon.   Look for them on and in my Etsy store at ..... 

We are trying to do our part to save the economy through a thought process.  It will take the effort of every American to look for the USA logo on all their purchases.  We are trying to help American people to rely on each other in bringing our industry back.  Please consider supporting the companies that feel it is important to manufacture products in our country.

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