Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sewing on the floor...

Scott laughs when I sew on the floor, but sometimes that's the best way to tackle a big job like this one. You remember our trip to Sacramento to get the new bed slats & mattress, right? Well, it's been great for Scott, but not so great for me. I love everything about it, except it feels like my bones are poking through a rock.

So, I got this great idea to take one of those egg crate foamie thingies and cut it down the middle, and put it on my side of the bed. But of course, that wasn't enough. I had to make it mine, and make it a project.

That's when I went to the closet and found an old zebra sheet and decided to make a mattress cover for it. I just laid the mattress on the sheet, folded it over, and cut the edges 2 inches along the side to make allowance for a seam. And then I went back and rolled the edge to hide the raw edge and sewed it with a zigzag stitch. Pretty neat!

Except when I poked my finger with one of the pins!

Scott played nurse and ran to get a sushi band aid to make it all better.

It turned out great, and now I can get a good night's sleep again.


Alexa said...

So, will your side of the bed be up higher than his? Admittedly, my back doesn't hurt on my mattress, but I don't think most would find it comfortable. I've been thinking about going the egg craft route to see if it would soften it up.

Oh, and I liked your hair today.

Pattie Wilkinson said...

Love the random compliment, and I hope you still like it tomorrow. It's shorter and blonder.

And yes, my side is higher. Looks pretty funny, but sure feels good.

You should try one!