Monday, September 7, 2009

Ikea Bed Adventure

With the 3-days off for Labor Day, we took a little road trip to Sacramento for Gold Rush Days and to browse IKEA for household stuff. The Gold Rush Days was way fan, as we walked on the streets covered with dirt and cowboys and horses and trains and buggies everywhere. But the real adventure happened when we bought new slats for our Scandinavian bed. Ours had become quite flat, and we needed a new mattress to make our backs happy. Sooo.... as you see here, the best part about IKEA is that it's relatively inexpensive. But, the worst part is that it's always a DIY project.

The slats had to go into plastic pockets and then a fabric spine went down the middle. Scott took over and was determined to make it a fun project. It didn't take tooo long to get the first side done.

The second side got crazy when we lost count of how many skinny slats went in before the fat slats, and then the double slats, and so it goes. Counting, poking, and silly fun.

The mattress was rolled up tight, and weighed 75 lbs. It was amazing how much mattress was in an itty bitty bag. But, the DIY slats and mattress adventure ended nicely with my happy tiger sprawled out on a brand new bed. Z-Z-Z-Z-z-z--z-z-zzzzz--zzzzz z z zzzz

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