Sunday, August 10, 2014

DIY Bird Feeder Yard Art

Yard Art

I've been working in the yard a lot lately, and thought you might like to see my little bird feeder with a bird bath.  The bonus as you can see, is that the little birdies that take a bath here are hanging out with this cute gnome!  He's always ready say Hi! to all comers.

The best part about this bird feeder/bird bath is how easy it was to make.  All you need is a cup and saucer, a handful of buttons, a copper 3/4" pipe, and a 3/4" copper cap.  And GLUE!  

If you're unfamiliar with the pipe and cap, just ask the dude at the home improvement store, and they'll fix you right up.  I purchased an 8 foot pipe and asked him to cut it in half so I could make 2 while I was at it.  And I grabbed two copper caps.

Here's what you do:  
Mix a little 2-part Epoxy on a paper plate with a craft stick.  You won't need tons, and you can always swirl a little more together if you run out.  Then glue the cup to the saucer, and the buttons around the edge.  Tape the buttons on with masking tape until the glue sets up so they don't slide off.  Now turn everything upside down and glue the copper cap to the bottom of the saucer; flat side to the saucer.  The cap will be what holds the pipe to the saucer.  you don't want to glue the pipe to the cap.  

After everything dries (it won't take long), poke the pole in the ground and then place the finished bird feeder/bird bath onto the top of the pole, fitting the cap over the end of the pole.  It really IS that easy.  Now you can sit a little friend like my gnome, or a frog, or any other kitschy critter on the side of the cup to keep the birdies company.

Lastly, you can wind a string of beads on a wire around the top of the pole for added decoration like I did.  Voila!  How cute is that? And don't forget to pour birdseed into the saucer, and fill the cup with water.  Now you're ready to sit back and watch the birds enjoy!

Happy Summer!

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