Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I love Tassels

You know how much I love Tassels, and there are countless images of tassels on the internet, and I'm always browsing for beautiful tassels for inspiration to make my own.  
In my internet journeys, I found the most amazing tassel pics at 

I love this beautiful outfit, and the tassel necklace and bracelet make it so pretty.  Love the peace sign, love the beads, I just love it ALL!
The unbelievable colors in this necklace are simply delicious.  The tangerine tassel combined with the turquoise beads and knotted string are a beautiful combination.  I can see wearing this with a crispy starched white and a pair a indigo skinny jeans.

The ombre dye technique on this tassel really caught my eye, and shows how a simple silk tassel can be dipped into dye for an organic and thoughtful decoration on any door. 
And this one is extremely elegant in it's simplicity with the pure white embroidery floss and wooden beads, just slightly dipped in an ash brown dye.  Beautiful!
For more eye candy, check out:  http://thepeachskin.tumblr.com/

I know you love tassels too, or you wouldn't be hanging out here with me..... so if you want more inspiration and to see how easy it is to make your own tassels, you just might enjoy my little video.

How to Make PattieWack Tassels How-To Video on the PattieWack Designs Channel on YouTube right here:

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