Sunday, August 23, 2015

DIY - Boho Tassel Necklace

It's summer-time, and this girl's really lovin' the boho style that I'm seeing everywhere.  So, I went to Hancock Fabrics and bought several fun prints to make my own blouses and then I just felt like they needed something else.  This one has such great colors, and I thought it would be fun to match up the turquoise, lime, and lemon colors that are super vibrant with cotton embroidery threads.
I did fudge a little by starting out with a necklace on the sale kiosk at Nordstrom's Rack.  Then I got busy making tassels in each of the colors.  To make my tassels, I grabbed my PattieWack™ Mini Tassel Maker and decided what size to make them. 
I chose the 1 1/2 inch size and wound the embroidery floss around the tool until it was as fat and fluffy as I wanted. I wrapped this heavier floss about 20 times. How many times you wind it depends on how thick your thread is, and how fat you want your tassels.  And in order to make all your tassels the same size,  simply count how many times you wind the first one and then you'll be set for the other tassels. 
For the next step I put a large jump ring through the top of the tassel since it was going on a metal chain necklace. A pair of needle-nose pliers worked great for this. 
Then I inserted another piece of embroidery floss through the slit in the tool and tied it very tightly around the neck of the tassel. 
The next step was to simply cut the bottom of the tassel with scissors and slip it off the end of the tool. I also wound some more floss around the neck to add a little more pizzaz to the tassel. 
I made three tassels, added them to my necklace and that was it!  I had my necklace finished in about 30 minutes...boombadabing!

See you in the next post! 

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