Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How To Make Tassels - the PattieWack™ Way!

We've been working on a little (and I do mean LITTLE) video that shows all the sizes of tassels you can make with the PattieWack™ Tassel Makers.  Click and see how fun!

 Believe it or not, it takes HOURS for Scott and I to make a 'little' 20 second video like this one.  But with the small social media platforms like Vine and Facebook, this is what people like you are looking for, right?
So, please be sure and click, share, and subscribe to my little YouTube channel over at PattieWack Designs.
You'll get all the new videos we post about my DIY life, and get tons of ideas for crafts and tutorials made just for YOU :)

See you in the next post! 

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