Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cirque Du Noel!

Fresno Etsy Especial presented Cirque Du Noel on Thursday night at the Big Red Church. There were dozens of artists and makers there with some of the most fabulous handmade items for sale. The theme was a French circus, and the Etsy crowd was dressed in black berets, circus costumes, and moustaches.

The event was a great success, with DJ Jonny Q provided the musical entertainment for the holiday bazaar, and roller derby girls, french croissants, coffee, and of course....

Aleenes Collage Pauge was flying everywhere at the iLoveToCreate craft bar, and Alexa and I stayed busy all night setting up the shoppers with a glass ornament to decorate with glitter, a holiday greeting, tissue paper, and Traci Bautista collage papers.

Traci's papers can be downloaded and printed at for your very own collage art. They were perfect for our Cirgue Du Noel theme, and great for our craft bar.

The first step is to tear out a greeting and glue it face down with Aleenes Collage Pauge. Then tear up tissue paper and any other paper to continue the collage to the edge of the glass. You can sprinkle glitter in the glue as you go.

What's really fun is when you turn your glass ornament over to see how it looks. It dries clear, so the tissue becomes transparent, and beautiful when lights are behind it or when you hang it in a window. You can also use Tulip 3D Glitter Fashion Paint to embellish the front of the ornament for a little more pizzaaaaaaz.

I brought mine home and hung it in my front door wreath. I had a blast with all my Etsy friends, and I'm glad to be a part of the event, because we also contributed to the Fresno Westside Farmers Food Bank with donations and canned goods.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


You can go to Fresno Etsy Especial Blog to see what you missed, and to snag all of those last-minute gifts from some outrageously talented artists!

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