Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sweet Snowball Slippers

You can add these super cute snowball pompoms to slippers for fabulously easy gifts for Christmas. I picked these up at Target and added the pompoms with my Pattiewack Pompom Tool. It's the 4-inch pompoms made with a little bit of the fancy yarns you can snag from any craft store. I love the white-on-white, because it's so snowy and winter looking.

You can also dress up some ordinary shoes from your closet and make them totally rock the dance floor by adding darling pompoms.

Here's how to make the Pattiewack Pompoms:

Wind yarn 1o times around the 3-inch step of the Pattiewack Pom Pom Tool.

Wind wire or yarn around the center and twist or tie.

Cut the yarn on both sides to release the pom pom.

Pull the pom pom off the tool and glue it to your shoe.

Fabulous and fancy! And it's not too late to order a Pattiewack Pompom Tool on the Pattiewack website. Use your PayPal and it will be on it's way just in time for the holiday dance!

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