Sunday, December 6, 2009

iLoveToCreate a Christmas Party!

Behind the scenes with Pattiewack is fabulous this month, because as you can see.... last night the Marketing and Communications departments at iLoveToCreate were invited to celebrate the holidays by our Creative Director, Michelle Martin.

Michelle is an outstanding Creative Director, and is always full of great ideas and imaginative ways to improve marketing, graphics, and the craft studio. She has been renovating a contemporary home in the beautiful area around Fig Garden in Fresno, and we could hardly wait to see the results of her hard work and artistic flair.
The crowd of party peeps were instantly impressed with these absolutely AMAZING works of EDIBLE ART. Would you believe, these are cookies?
A local baker was commissioned to make these beautiful baked goodies to resemble the ceramic discs on the front of our corporate headquarters!
Check out these pics of the iLoveToCreate Headquarters and see for yourself:

What a creative idea. I don't "see" cookies, but apparently Michelle did.
Of course there was live music, because Michelle's brother, John Martin III is a global percussionist with the Latin jazz band Cerro Negro, along with Dusty Brough and Frank Giordano. They were fabulous!
The home is huge, with granite, cement, teak, and pewter throughout and is built in a horseshoe design around a lanai.
A ginormous wreath was hung above the fireplace with feathers and ornaments.
The pink Christmas tree was a perfect fit for modern home.
My hubby Scott, got acquainted with Zoe, who was happy to give tours around the pool.

Giant paper lanterns floated lazily above the pool.

The birds of paradise form a natural curtain in the dining room.
One of the most amazing features is the stucco screens. Red up-lights turned them into instant holiday jewels.
Modern artwork added warmth and flair to every room.
Everyone was drawn to the ceviche in martini glasses, and rows of crudite's standing at attention in long ceremic serving dishes.
After stuffing ourselves with goodies, we walked through Christmas Tree Lane and enjoyed the spectacular lights.
It was unbelievable!
There were kids, dogs, musicians, caterers, and of course, Santa hanging out with no cars, lots of music and giggles.
Alexa (aka Swell Designer) had fun taking pics and posing. Too fun!
But then again, who can forget those cookies that look so much like ceramics??? They were as delicious as they were beautiful.
I love this pic from the '70's showing the installation by the ceramics artist, Stan Bitters. Now, when I look at the front of our headquarters, all I see are COOKIES!!

Thanks again Michelle, for a FABulous iLoveToCreate Christmas Party...
Happy Holidays!
Pattiewack & Scott

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Alexa said...

Great post Pattie. IT was a blast!