Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Houndstooth Honeys

If you look at fashion magazines, shop the mall, or look around at the coffee shop you already know how HOT houndstooth is right now. And I jumped on the fashion wagon with these two honeys with my own version of fashion t-shirts for the iLoveToCreate website. I wrote about this photo shoot a couple weeks ago, and now the project is up on the site with tons more project ideas for the holidays.

These sweet tees would be fun for a holiday party, and perfect in California. But if you're in the chilly willy weather, they would still look great peeking out from a velvet jacket.

First I dyed the shirts in an ombre style, by dying one side much darker than the other side. Then I surfed the web for a nice houndstooth design, printed it out, and then drew a pattern on freezer paper for a stencil. After cutting out the pattern I ironed the stencil onto the shirts and painted them with black soft paint. After they were totally dry, I peeled off the paper and they were ready to go.

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