Tuesday, October 12, 2010

31 Days of DIY Halloween - Fright Night Tee

boo shirt

If you look close, the scary skeleton hand is making a “peace” sign, and the rest of this designs says the rest.  And if you look even closer, you’ll see the fun little monster faces painted with 3-D paint that glows in the dark!  They’re made with Tulip Multi-Surface Stencils, and they were way easy to do. 

Materials List
Tulip® Fashion Glitter™
23556 Purple Jewel
Tulip® Multi-Surface Stencils™
Tulip® Glam-It-Up!™ Iron-On Fashion Designs™
Skeleton Peace
Tulip® Glam-It-Up!™ Iron-On Crystals™
Tulip® Fashion Glitter Bond™
– Scissors
– White chalk – sharpened to a point
– Foil
– Scratch paper
– T-shirt – black
– Pressing cloth
– Cardboard to fit inside shirt
– Small paint brush
– Iron
– Crayon


1. Prewash T-shirt; do not use fabric softener. Dry in dryer and iron smooth.
2. Flip over pattern then use chalk to trace along pattern lines. Position pattern, chalk side down, on shirt. Hold in place then run a finger along pattern lines transferring chalk to fabric.
3. Place shirt on ironing board. Remove heavy backing sheet from Skeleton Hand Crystal design and position where shown. Cover with pressing cloth then iron in place following package instructions. When cool, peel off top sheet.
4. Use crayon to fill in “B” with Pumpkin Iron-On Crystals. Press tip of crayon to top of crystal – the crayon wax will hold crystal just long enough to position in place. Place all crystals then carefully cover with pressing cloth. Iron in place following package instructions.
5. Insert cardboard into shirt to prevent seepage.
6. Squeeze a puddle of Glitter Bond™ onto foil. Working quickly, use paintbrush to apply an even coating onto one “O”. Immediately pour Purple Jewel Glitter over wet adhesive. Pour excess glitter onto scratch paper. Glitter can be returned to container and reused.
7. Repeat step with other “O”. Let thoroughly dry then use paintbrush to remove all remaining excess glitter.
8. Use scissors to carefully cut apart faces from stencil design leaving as much border possible around each. Peel off paper backing removing inside pieces. Place where desired on shirt. Squeeze a small puddle of 3D Natural Glow paint onto foil. Tap flat end of wedge sponge into paint then swipe paint over stencil making sure not to go past outside edges. Repeat with all face designs. Carefully remove stencil. Let dry.

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