Sunday, October 10, 2010

DIY Cupcake Carrier

This idea came from the need to carry a dozen cupcakes without them sliding into each other when transporting them across town.   Scott had the idea when I told him I needed to figure out a way to keep my cupcakes upright and the icing to stay pretty.    Believe it or not, it's a recycled package from a dozen honey crisp apples.  He handed it over, and I got busy baking.

I decided to make lemon poppy seed cupcakes.  Our favorite!
I love how they smell when they're baking.
And check out the darling cupcake liners I found at the save-mart in the baking aisle.

Scott is CRAZY for icing, and his favorite color is orange, so he was standing by to lick the bowl.
We put the yummy apples in the frig to chill, and now I had the perfect cupcake carrier.  
But, being the crafter... I HAD to decorate it, right?
I grabbed some papers, orange ric rac, and my 123D Paper Crafting System to make
a cute tag for the top and to trim around the edges.
I grabbed some shredded paper from our paper shredder.  It worked great.
There you go... a Halloween Cupcake Carrier!


Vasavi Suresh said...

That was one amazing cupcake carrier.

Silvia said...


tables said...

This is so nice. I really need to have this one. I might have this party and cupcake are really hard to carry.