Sunday, October 24, 2010

31 Days of DIY Halloween - Glow in the Dark Trick or Treat Bag

tote bag

Glow in the dark crafts are so much fun for the kiddos. You can pick up a fist full of Tulip® 3D glow paints and a pack of canvas bags to keep the kids busy creating their own version to hold all their loot. And when the lights are out, they'll still be able to find their candy stash!

Tulip® Sponge Brushes™
Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint™
65175 Yellow Glow
65176 Orange Glow
65177 Green Glow
– Self-adhesive shelf paper
– Paper towels
– Iron
– Cardboard cut to fit inside tote
– Light colored chalk sharpened to a point
– Permanent felt pen
– Scissors
– Ribbon – black, orange – 12” each
– Foil
– Scissors
– White Tote Bag
– Patterns (click here for patterns)

1. Iron bag smooth then insert cardboard.
2. Place shelf paper, shiny side up, over pumpkin pattern then use felt pen to trace onto paper.
3. To create stencil, use scissors to cut out inner circle, leaving edges intact. Peel paper backing from stencil, position in place on tote then press to secure. Run a finger along inside cut edges to prevent seepage.
4. Shake bottle of Orange Glow 3D Fashion Paint. Squeeze a large puddle into center of circle. Using 1 ¾” Sponge Brush, lightly spread paint in an even layer, adding more paint as needed. Carefully remove stencil. Let dry.
5. Test flow of Green Glow paint on paper towel, using an even pressure on bottle for a smooth line. Add stem to pumpkin where shown.
6. Squeeze a puddle of Green Glow onto foil. Use the side of 1¾” sponge brush to paint leaves of pumpkin. Dip side of brush into paint then tap onto foil making sure paint is even on side. Position side of brush on tote then slightly wiggle to release paint. Repeat step dipping into paint for each leaf. Let dry.
7. Loosely cut apart words. Turn pattern over, hold up to window then trace over words with chalk on back of pattern. Position word on tote, chalk side down, hold in place with hand firmly run fingers over lines to transfer chalk to fabric. Repeat with remaining words.
8. Paint over words with Glow paint using color shown, adding several lines for each letter.
9. Detail pumpkin with Yellow swirl eyes and nose and a wavy Green line for mouth. Add random Orange dots on remainder of bag.

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