Saturday, October 9, 2010

31 Days of DIY Halloween - Doodle Pumpkin

doodle pumpkin

I know! I forgot to post a project yesterday (Friday) for my 31 Days of DIY Halloween. It was a busy, busy day at the iLoveToCreate design studio and I completely lost track of time.

But I think this little pumpkin will make up for it!

Turn an ordinary decorative pumpkin into a Funkin with Scribbles® Dimensional Fabric Paint™! Doodle your favorite designs all over your pumpkin for fun effects. Get the kids involved and see how creative they get with their doodles!

–Scribbles® Dimensional Fabric Paint Value 20 Pack
– Pumpkin
– Small paintbrush
– Foil
– Paper towels
– White chalk

1. Use white chalk to draw basic shapes onto pumpkin.
2. Start flow of Scribbles® paint on paper towel using an even pressure on bottle for smooth line. Keep tip of bottle clean by wiping with paper towels.
3. Fill in basic shapes with all colors of dimensional paint. Refer to photo. Let dry.
4. Add second layers of design and detail as shown then add dots and finer detail. Let dry.
5. Squeeze a puddle of Green paint on foil. Use a small brush to paint onto stem. Let dry then repeat step.

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