Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crafty Christmas Tips

DELICIOUS DECOR is sometimes the simplest and the most stunning. Fill a glass BRANDY SNIFTER with cranberries and then poke skinny tapers or a big fat red pillar candle into the berries.

WONDERFUL WRAPPING doubles the delight of any gift! One of the easiest wrappings is fabric circles cut with pinking shears. Place the gift in the center of your chosen holiday fabric, cut a large circle, and gather the fabric up around the gift. Tie up the fabric with a bountiful bow.

STENCILED BAKEWARE is as much fun to give, as it is to get. Paint the sides of tin bread pans with heat resistant paints. Stencil on Christmas trees, snowmen or gingerbread men. Line with a gingham napkin to serve up or give your favorite homemade baked goodies. Don’t forget to add a recipe card!

GLITTER FRUIT is retro and ridiculously easy! Gather up all those old plastic grapes, apples, and whatever else you can find. Now, lay them all out on newspaper and spray a good coat of spray adhesive. Next, cover them with glitter. Let them dry, turn them over and repeat until they are totally covered with glitter. You can use totally silver or gold, or get really crazy and glitter them in all different colors. Wow!

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