Monday, December 17, 2007

Snazzy Soaps

You'll get to watch me make these Thursday on the CBS Six in the Morning Show if you live in the tri-state area of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas. LeAnne Taylor is the Anchor, and they plan to have me on at 7:40 a.m. while everyone is getting ready to rush out the door to work and school. I just love being on the show, since most of my family lives there and can watch.

Okay, here are the steps to make your own snazzy soaps!

Snazzy Soaps
Designed by Pattie Donham

White Bars of Soap
Stickers or Photo Copies
Household Paraffin Wax
Double Boiler (or electric wok)
Tin Pie Pan
Sharp Knife
Glue Stick

1. Unwrap soap and carefully carve off the brand name with a sharp knife.
2. Apply stickers or photo copies with glue stick.
3. Place tin pie pan in wok (or double boiler). Lay 2 chunks of paraffin wax in the pie pan. Pour water into the wok just until the pie pan floats above the bottom of the pan. Heat the wok on LOW and as soon as the wax melts, turn the heat off. (Never leave unattended.)
4. Grab the sides of the soap with tongs and dip face down into the wax, about 1/4 of an inch. Repeat a couple of times for a smooth surface.
5. Lay soap aside until the wax becomes firm.

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