Monday, December 17, 2007

Ice Storm

I've been in a grumpy funk the past several days, because Scott and I are suppose to be in Tulsa right now celebrating our wedding with an After Party, and having our family Christmas. But, the horrendous ice storm wrecked our travel plans and we're stuck in California. Bah humbug! Most of my relatives have been without power at home and at work since last week. It's been just horrible for everyone, trying to find wood and propane, and trying to help each other.

I'm sad, but they are the ones suffering because of the cold and terrible conditions. It honestly looks like a tornado went through the neighborhoods and dumped tons of ice on the broken trees. So sad. But, they are all huddled in the homes that have fireplaces with beds covering the living rooms and using their camping equipment to cook and lanterns to see at night. Every day that I call, someone else gets their power turned on, so they are slowly getting to go home and back to work. I miss you guys! We will be coming in January, so look out!

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Lisa'sLettersandLace said...

Oh, but what a blessing to have this gorgeous picture of the cardinal surrounded by the icy beauty. I have to share, with my little girls today I asked to see a cardinal today. And there it is. I didn't spend time outside during our all day snowstorm but I still had my prayer answered. Sorry about your trip. Merry Christmas. Lisa