Thursday, December 6, 2007

Beaded Bobeches

If you caught me on the Six in the Morning show on CBS in Tulsa this morning, I hope you liked the beaded bobeches. Christmas candles are always a pretty way to decorate, and if you make these jeweled bobeches you’ll have no more ruined tablecloths, or wax covered candlesticks. Plus, a set of candlesticks complete with beaded bobeches would be a beautiful gift.

You can use recycled plastic from packaging as long as it is really heavy. Or you can use Pattiewack™ Crafting Plastic that you can find in my shopping pages. I really put lots of beads on these, but you could space them further apart around the rim and not use as many.

Here's how to make them for gifts or your home:

Beaded Candlestick Bobeches

Taper Candle and Candlestick
Pattiewack™ Crafting Plastic
(or recycled plastic packaging)
Large Assortment of Glass Beads
1/4” Jump Rings
3” Eye Pins
Needle Nose Pliers
1/4” Hole Punch
Permanent Marker

1. Trace a 4” circle onto cardstock and trace a 1” circle in the center. Cut out. Punch 1/4” holes around the edge of the cardstock, to create a pattern.
2. Trace the pattern onto crafting plastic with a marker.
3. Cut out and punch the plastic according to the pattern.
4. Thread beads onto the eye pin, leaving 1/2” unbeaded.
5. Coil the unbeaded end with pliers.
6. Attach the beaded eye pin to the edge of the plastic with a jump ring.
7. Repeat steps until the entire bobeche is beaded.
8. Place on candlestick, and insert taper candle in the center to complete.

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