Friday, December 14, 2007

Pompom Christmas Wreath

Here's a great idea for the yarn lover. I did this wreath with foam core board, covered with batting and felt. Then I added the pompoms and embroidered felt rosettes all the way around for a fabulous Pompom Christmas Wreath. It is so pretty, and will last for years and years! It is on tour with Terri 'O for the CHA Holiday Craft segments all across the nation on the major networks morning shows. You could also add a braided yarn bow if you want even more fru-fru. Here's the way I did it...

Christmas Felt Wreath
Designed by Pattie Donham

MODA DEA™Zing: 1 Ball No. 2357 Pearl
Red Heart ® Soft yarn: 1 Ball No. 4412 Grass Green
Red Heart ® Soft yarn: 1 Ball No. 4420 Guacamole
Red Heart ® Soft yarn: 1 Ball No. 5142 Cherry Red

22” x 22” Foam core board
2/3 Yard Felt (green)
1 Felt Squares: 9” x 12” (red)
Quilt batting
Craft glue (or hot glue gun)
Spray adhesive
Large upholstery needle
Pinking shears

Large size Pattiewack™ Pompom Tool
Large size Pattiewack™ Tassel Tool

Pompom Steps:
1. Wind yarn onto the pompom tool at the desired size and wind.
2. Tie the center of the pompom tightly with yarn.
3. Cut the pompom away from the tool. Trim into a ball shape.
4. You will need to make:
a. Six 1-inch Cherry Red pompoms (wind 25 times)
b. Six 1-inch Guacamole pompoms (wind 25 times)
c. Three 1-inch Grass Green pompoms (wind 25 times)
d. Four 1-inch Pearl pompoms (wind 25 times)
e. Seven 2-inch Grass Green pompoms (wind 30 times)
f. One 2-inch Cherry Red pompoms (wind 30 times)
g. Three 4-inch Pearl pompoms (wind 35 times)

Rosette Steps:
1. Wind both colors of green yarn around the tassel tool on the 3” step, 12 times.
2. Bind the top of the rosette with 6” of yarn.
3. Pull the rosette off the tool (do not cut the loops).
4. Spread the loops around to create a loopy rosette. Lay aside.
5. Sew decorative stitches on a 1-inch felt circle with the green yarn (cut circle with pinking shears), using a large upholstery needle. (See photo as a guide.)
6. Sew the felt circle to the center of the loopy rosette.
7. You will need 3 rosettes.

Felt Circle Steps:
1. Cut 1-inch circles from red felt, using pinking shears.
2. Sew decorative stitches with green yarn, using a large upholstery needle. (See photo as a guide.)
3. You will need 8 felt circles.

Felt Wreath Steps:
1. Cut a 20-inch circle from the foam core board. Cut out the center to create a 4-inch wide wreath.
2. Adhere batting to front of the wreath with spray adhesive.
3. Trace wreath onto green felt and cut out. Cut out a second piece, 2-inches larger on the inside and on the outside of the wreath.
4. Spray the adhesive to the batting side of the wreath. Lay the larger felt piece over the batting, evenly on all sides
5. Turn wreath over to the backside and cut slits in the green felt on the inside and outside edges of the wreath. Spray the foam core with adhesive and pull the felt around the edges to cover. Adhere the other felt piece onto the foam core to cover the back of the wreath.

Wreath Assembly:
1. Lay out all the pompoms, rosettes, and felt circles on the top of the felt wreath, using the photo as a guide
2. Adhere each piece to the wreath with hot glue or craft glue. Let dry.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Pattie! Very cute, I can see this craft hanging in my grandmother's house.

Pattie Wilkinson said...

Awww, thanks! It totally reminds me of my gramma too.....

Anonymous said...

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